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Cruising McMinnville


Cruising McMinnville’s cruising event on 3rd Street will be from 5pm-10pm Saturday August the 24th. Cars will follow a route that’s both fun and should - with everyone’s participation and assistance - flow better ‘n ever. And YES, we will cruise 3rd in BOTH directions. This ain’t gonna be no parade ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls!! The bulk of our volunteers are long time cruisers themselves and we, they, get it!

There is no mandatory fee to cruise. We will be asking for a
voluntary 5 buck donation. You willreceive one of our really cool
window stickers, see image to the right, for your $5 donation.
When we see that sticker, we won'task you for a donation on
consecutive passes around the route.

We have a well planned, safe, open route planned. Just click
below the get the map, then get on out there on the 24th and
join us for a great night of cruising fun!