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Q: Will there be a Car Show this year?

A: Cruising McMinnville is planning our event for Saturday, August 24, 2024. We are working closely with the City of McMinnville to ensure a safe and fun event for all.

Q: Will there be Cruising this year?

A: Yes! There will be Cruising from 5-9pm, directly following the Car Show in Historic Downtown McMinnville. Please see our route & rules to keep it safe & fun!

Q: Why is Cruising only until 9:00?

A: In recent years we have had multiple safety issues that endangered our volunteers and spectators during the later hours of the cruise. We have chosen to shorten the cruise for the safety of everyone involved. Please be safe and smart out there so we can keep cruising!

Q: Can I leave the car show at any time?

A: THE CAR SHOW IS A CLOSED EVENT. We ask that you stay for the entirety of the car show and help us kick off our cruise at 5:00. Please only leave in the case of an emergency, we will help you out of the show if needed.

Q: How do we exit the car show and start the cruise?

A: Our cruise will be started by our car show participants! You will be directed by volunteers to pull out in order at 5:00 sharp. PLEASE WAIT TO BE RELEASED, THIS WILL ENSURE A SMOOTH EXIT FOR ALL. 

Q: Is it too late to register for the Cruising McMinnville car show?
A: Cruising 2024 is a pre-registered event. We have limited space on Historic 3rd Street and spots fill up fast. Please see the car show page for more info.

Q: Can I show my motorcycle/4x4 truck/exotic car at Cruising McMinnville?
A: The answer to all of these questions is yes! A wide variety of classic & unique vehicles are welcome at the Cruising McMinnville car show.

Q: Where is the entrance to the Cruising McMinnville car show?
A: Entry and staging for the car show will be at the Oregon Mutual Insurance parking lot at 400 NE Baker St. (entrance on 5th Street) - show cars will be checked in and then directed to the show for parking. Please arrive at your selected check-in time to ease congestion.

Q: What time will Cruising McMinnville start checking in cars for the car show?
A: Cars will be allowed to check in at 7:30 AM the morning of the car show. Please DO NOT ARRIVE PRIOR TO YOUR SELECTED CHECK IN TIME - our volunteers need time to prepare for you

Q: What time will the awards ceremony start?
A: Cruising McMinnville will start handing out awards at 4:00 PM the day of the car show. The awards are HAND MADE by Bob Landry (a volunteer and talented fabricator) and students from three local high school welding programs. They are the best trophies around, come see for yourself! The ceremony is held at the main stage on Davis and 3rd St.

Q: Is the cruise route the same as last year?
A: Yes. The cruise route is the same as last year, please refer to the route map.

Q: Is there a charge for cruising?
A: No, cruising is open and free of charge for all.

Q: Do I have to stop at the traffic signals on third?
A: NEW FOR 2023: Traffic and pedestrian crossings will be directed by professional traffic flaggers. The traffic lights will be turned off for the cruise, please follow flagger directions. Remember, all state local and federal traffic laws apply to our Cruising McMinnville event.  Please pay attention to our traffic control staff - they are there to keep you safe and ensure a smooth flow for the cruise.

Q: Who is in charge of planning and putting on this event?

A: Cruising McMinnville is a registered nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization established in 2018 that is overseen by a 5 person Executive Board. See our About Us page for more info.

Q: Where can I get a t-shirt and other Cruising McMinnville merchandise?

A: Come see us during the event at our merchandise and information booth located at Davis and 3rd Street across from the Main Stage area. Limited merchandise can also be found at McMinnville Antique Mall and Oregon Stationers on 3rd Street all year long.

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